Friday, August 31, 2012

Week 35 - "Into the Blue"

This week is similar to last week in that it is an experiment with using an accompaniment pattern that repeats verbatim.  The challenge is in varying the vocal melody enough to define the formal sections.


I think I've come undone
While you were having fun.
What did you think you'd see
When you disconnected me?
When you disowned your life
And waited for the knife
That would remove your wings,
Were you confusing things?

And you knew I'd never sleep at night.
And you knew I wouldn't put up a fight.
It's overdue.
And you knew it never felt so right
As the moment that I held you tight.
I wish I knew
Where it is you flew.

Into the blue
Is where you're going to.
Can I follow you
Into the blue?

It's very hard to fly
With wings you did not buy.
Where can you go from here?
Your way is so unclear?
Don't you give me a sign.
Don't want to hear that line.
Why can't I see your face
Reflected in your sword and mace?

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