Saturday, August 25, 2012

Week 34 - "Sins of Youth"

I wrote this song originally for a girl to sing in first person ("I'm a snake, I'm a temptress...").  I'm still working on getting a recording of that version.  In the meantime, I've created this version sung from the perspective of the man.  I think it works okay either way.

My heart had flown away to greet the brand new day.
My mind cannot be swayed to heal the pain of yesterday.
The wind blows through my hair as I walk in the evening air.
But I cannot pretend I've overcome what happened then.

Your life has so been built to bear the weight of crushing guilt.
You take your dagger by the hilt and watch the flowers as they wilt.
Destined to break my heart, I think I knew it from the start.
But I am not alone.  No one can melt your heart of stone.

You're a snake, you're a temptress, you're a devil in a black dress.
Your lips never spoke a word of truth.
Do you feel so restricted from the pain that you inflicted?
Should I forgive your sins of youth?

You warned me that I must never bestow you with my trust.
You'll leave me in the dust.  You'll leave me soul to rot and rust.
You'll leave me standing there.  You wouldn't even really care.
While I real from the sting, you will not feel a single thing.

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