Saturday, January 18, 2014

Week 107 - "Delusions"

I think we all know someone that this song could apply to.  I employed an effect on the vocals that I've only used once before - applying the reverb in reverse.  This time I did it a bit more subtly.


What can be done about your delusions?
Your world is full of your illusions.
You're like an adolescent overbearing alpha male.
You don't believe in God and yet you're scared to death of hell.

What can be done about your delusions?
You're living in a state of pure confusion.
You're breaking your own rules with all the sins that you commit.
You think we want to hear you talk but no one gives a shit.

I can't believe that once I really wished that I could be like you.
With all the egocentric serenades I had to listen to.
You think that everything you say is so utterly profound.
I wish you could find a way to get your two feet back on the ground.

I don't want to hear about your latest scheme.
The way crash and burn is a recurring theme.
You think you're gonna be big time, but you don't have a prayer.
So why are you telling me, can you not see that I don't care?

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