Monday, October 1, 2012

Week 40 - "Tailgating Trash"

Tailgaiting in and of itself is not a terrible thing.  It can be a lot of fun if everyone does it respectfully, but this song is dedicated to the jerks that park on sidewalks and handicap spaces, leave mounds of trash for someone else to clean up, and act like they own the campus because they're season ticket holders (or even worse when they act this way and don't even have tickets to the game).

I created this song using the Roland XV-5080 sound module.  There is a thick wash of sound provided by the sounds of piano, bass guitar, drumset (especially with the prominent cymbal crashes), clavinova, electric guitar, marimba, chimes, and warm pad.  I also sang two vocal parts and played the synthesizer solo (and the synthesizer part in the final refrain) on my RD-600 keyboard.


Tailgating trash. Tailgating trash.
I wish you'd get lost all you tailgating trash.
Tailgating trash. Tailgating trash.
I wish you would leave all you tailgating trash.

You're loud and you're obnoxious and you do not even care
About the way you're treating all the people living there.
You throw your trash out in the street here in my neighborhood.
I wish you all would go away and disappear for good.

I'm tired of all the childishness and flat stupidity.
I'm sick of all the poorly managed drunken revelry.
You're so fat you couldn't throw a football if you try,
and if you tried to run a lap, I'm sure that you would die.

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