Friday, October 12, 2012

Week 41 - "The Teletubbies"

My friend Stewart McKee enthusiastically suggested that I should include a Teletubbies song in my Year of Song project.  Although I was familiar with them (and some of the controversies that surrounded them), I had to admit to never having seen an episode.  Fortunately, the internet has allowed my mind to be enriched with information and streaming videos of the Teletubbies, so here is the musical result!

I used my Roland XV-5080 to created the musical accompaniment.  I have composed a few other songs this year trying to create an entirely synthesized environment, but they have still been General MIDI sounds.  I decided to explore several other preset patches on the XV-5080 for this song.

The Teletubbies.
I hear them speaking to me through my TV.
They bring a message meant specifically for me.
With answers to this life and all its mystery.
The Teletubbies.

They come in colors.
I see them purple, green, and yellow, and red.
I see the rainbow form inside of my head.
Now I know what it must be like to be dead.
They come in colors.

I hear them speaking in my mind.
The words are soothing, they are kind.
It's time to turn on my TV,
Lay back on my couch and unwind.

Their time is coming.
When the world will follow everything they say.
When their shining colors come to rule the day.
The Teletubbies will come forth to lead the way.
Their time is coming.

A time for Teleteubbies.
Telly bye bye.

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