Thursday, September 27, 2012

Week 39 - "That is How You Get to Sesame Street"

The original Sesame Street song is filled with the plaintive cries of children begging for directions to Sesame Street.  This call has never been unanswered . . . until now!  "That is How You Get to Sesame Street" is the missing half of the song that gives directions to weary travelers that have spent the last 40 years searching in vain for Sesame Street.

JFK is the airport you fly into.
Hailing a cab is the next thing you want to do.
And you tell the cabbie to take you to the Port Authority in Manhattan.

Then you buy a Metro Card in the booth at the station,
So you can ride several forms of public transportation.
Then you take a subway train or a bus to the Upper West Side.

Ride until you reach a street that's called Sesame.
Walk until the apartment building 1 - 2 - 3
and that is how you get, how you get to Sesame Street.
That's how you get to Sesame

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