Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Week 44 - "Horses and Bayonets"

Because of Barrack Obama, I am again ahead of the game for week 44.  Here is the song "Horses and Bayonets," the main zinger from the 10/22/2012 Presidential Debate.

Horses and Bayonets, Horses and Bayonets
What this country needs now is Horses and Bayonets

Back in 1917, the greatest year our country's seen.
The army was a fearsome threat with horses and bayonets.

Heavens knows the cavalry, just ain't what it used to be,
Used to make the bad guys sweat, with horses and bayonets.

Nothing else is such a bore, as the scene of modern war.
Battle used to be such fun, and this is how we got it done…

The atom bomb is not my friend, it could mean our untimely end.
But as sure as might is right, I’ll always kiss my horse at night.

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