Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Week 37 - "Commander Data (Cool, Clean, Sentient Machine)"

This song is a tribute to Lt. Commander Data from Star Trek:The Next Generation.  The instrumental track was made entirely by layering different sounds from my RD-600 keyboard, as opposed to last week's "Ode to Spot," which was entirely notated on Finale on the computer and played through the XV-5080 sound module.

It's true that I've met quite a few mellow guys.
But I've never met one with yellow eyes.
He's really strong and he can run very fast
But teaching him to whistle is a difficult task.

Commander Data.
He's a cool, clean, sentient machine
Making calculations like you ain't never seen.
You'll not see a sleeker robot
So intellectually keen.

He cannot say contractions no matter how hard he tries.
He sometimes seems naive although he is very wise.
The things he says will make you ask if he's sane.
But I bet you can't out-think his positronic brain.

With human feelings he can be such a dip
Unless he activates his emotion chip.
With stand-up humor, didn't make it too far,
But at least he made it with Tasha Yar.

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