Friday, April 13, 2012

Week 16 - "I'll Never Be the Girl of Your Dreams"

When I met you I was so shy,
Though I was such a passionate guy.
I sat so long in my room alone,
'til I had the nerve to pick up the phone.
Soon we were spending much time together,
And I got to know you much better.

You convinced me love could be real
With the feelings you made me feel.
I thought that it was right for so long,
But in the end I guess I was wrong.
Nothing's ever quite as it seems.
I guess I'll never be the girl of your dreams.

I'll never be quite what you're dreaming of.
I just don't fit the way you think of love.
But that's just life.  I've faced reality.
I cannot be what I'm not meant to be.

So you said that we could be friends,
And I guess that's how it all ends.
You said it wasn't me it was you,
but the truth is it was me, too.
Nothing's ever quite as it seems,
I guess I'll never be the girl of your dreams.

This is a modern love song about two friends that could not form a romantic relationship because their orientations were not compatible. It is written so that it can interpreted as a heterosexual man singing to a homosexual woman, or as a homosexual man singing to a heterosexual man. I recommend that you listen to it at least twice so you can hear it at least once each way.

I experimented with double-tracking the lead vocal part - one take is panned slightly left and one slightly right. I tried putting the background vocal in the center, but it didn't blend well, so I put it slightly to the right of one of the lead vocal takes. I also added a synth. bass sound and a square wave lead sound.

The verses are based on a 12-bar blues formula and the choruses are a different 16-measure succession that functions as a link since it ends on a V chord.

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