Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Week 15 - "UCM Fencing Cadence"

I love to fence, I love to fight.
I think about it day and night.
I’m fencing everywhere I go,
So just sit back and watch the show.

I love my swords and they love me.
We’re such a happy family.
Sabre, foil, and épée, too -
I love them all, now how about you?

I always practice fencing drills,
So I can improve my skills.
Do calisthenics all day long,
So my arms and legs stay strong.

When I walk out the crowd will cheer.
My fifteen-point salute strikes fear.
I look my opponent in the eye,
And boldly say, “Prepare to die!”

I hear it’s generally understood
That I’m a modern Robin Hood.
I know every line from The Princess Bride.
Zorro is my cousin on my father’s side.

I love it on the fencing team.
I’m living out a lifelong dream.
As the musketeers do call,
“It’s all for one and one for all.”

Sound off.  1-2.
Sound off.  3-4.
UCM!  UCM!  UCM!  Allez!

This was a request of Dusty Brooks, Dictator-for-life of the UCM Fencing Club.  It is based on standard military cadences.  The words were written to reflect the spirit of humor that Dusty and I as well as many of the other members of the fencing club shared when we fenced 2001-2005.

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