Friday, January 20, 2012

Week 4 - "I Often Think of You"

I often think of you, my dear.
Although it's been so many years.
I think of what we used to say.
Until I had to go away.

I miss the things we used to do.
Back when I was in love with you.
I'll always have the memory
Of all the things you meant to me.

But you and I had not forseen
That time and space would come between.
I said some things I didn't mean.
The words I spoke were unfair.
I'm sad it had to end there.
Please know that I will always care for you.

I won't forget your smiling face
I won't forget your warm embrace.
I'm sad, the way it had to end.
I wish I'd been a better friend.

I decided to record this one with just piano and vocals to give it a more intimate feel.  I also didn't put any reverb on the vocals to make it sound "true" (in an emotional sense).  I did add reverb to the vocals in the refrain to add intensity to the rising emotion there.

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