Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week 2 - "Big Bad Jim"

I walked in the room and saw you sittin’ pretty.
Then we got down to the nitty gritty.
You wore a cheap suit and your tie was untied.
Your cheesy grin was just a fa├žade for you to hide.

Big Bad Jim, he was a liar

I thought that you were on my team and pulling for me
You filled my head with all the things you said I could be.
You made me sow seeds that you did not let me reap.
Made promises that you never intended to keep.

Big Bad Jim, he was a liar

Know I know that truth is that you’re really just a hack
Your friends and colleagues all are laughing behind your back.
No one takes you seriously and no one really should.
We all should stay away for our own good.  Big Bad Jim.

Big Bad Jim, he took my money all away

Here is song number 2 - "Big Bad Jim."  I had the idea to do a song along these lines and with this particular title several years ago but I never sat down to write it.

I experimented with the EQ on the vocals on this one, cutting out a lot of the bass frequencies to give it a tinny sound.

Also, I had kind of wanted the sound of a low floor tom for part of the song, but since I do not have room for a drumset in my apartment I had to use the only drum that I had, which happened to be an ocean drum.  I used timpani mallets to strike it.  When I recorded it, I didn't like the sound because it was not low enough, so I used Audacity to lower the pitch and I was pleased with the results.

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