Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I have a goal for the year 2012.  My goal is to compose one song per week for the entire year.  The purpose of this blog will be to record my progress and to comment on the creative process.

The reason for this yearlong project is simply to create music.  I will not limit myself to any particular style or genre.  I plan to explore several different styles in the process, but with no preconceived notion as to which styles or how many different ones.  I plan to explore a number of different emotions with my music - happiness, sadness, anger, contentment, and even humor.  In fact, the songs will likely include very serious subjects as well as comedic ones, as I feel that Music itself has the power to express both extremes in incredibly gratifying ways.

I will present embedded recordings of the songs here.  The recordings themselves will not be high-tech by any means, but I do hope to expand my knowledge of recording software as the project progresses.  Currently, I am recording on a PC with the Audacity program using a Shure SM58 microphone, RD-600 keyboard, an XV-5080 sound module, an acoustic guitar, and some assorted auxiliary percussion instruments.  There may be other instruments and sounds from time to time as well as inspiration strikes and as availability dictates.  That being said, the purpose of this project is not to make polished professional recordings, but to simply create and share new music.

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