Saturday, June 22, 2013

Week 77 - "Math Book Tragedy"

This song is based on the tragic tales that can only come from math problems.

I was reading in my math book
About a terrible tragedy.
We should take it as a lesson
Regarding train safety.

           Dm                    G
It was the story of a massive collision
  Dm                                  G      
Invented by a math professor in his derision.

   Am        G             F     Em       D
It told of a train leaving LA at 6 in the morning
Am        G           F         Em          D
Traveling east at a velocity of 60 miles an hour
    Am                        Bm
But heaven only knew that an identical train
    C                       E
Was leaving New York at the very same time
       Am        G         F                Em         D
On the very same track and that's where the story goes sour.

The train was heading west
Traveling 80 MPH
And what would happen next
Was a tragedy for heaven's sake.

Dm                                      G
Never mind the death and loss, oh the humanity.
          Dm                                               G
Professor just wants to know when they'll collide in his insanity.

Am              G             F    Em     D
Nowhere else in school have I ever had to face this.
Am          G       F      Em        D
Why must my math professor be such a sadist?
Am                    Bm
When this semester is through
        C                 E
I guess I'd be willing to wager
        Am         G         F      Em        D
That I just wasn't quite cut out to be a math major.

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