Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week 76 - "The Settlers of Catan"

The Settlers of Catan is a fun board game, but I always thought it needed a little backstory.  So here is a song that tells a little history of The Settlers of Katan,  (The Settlers of Catan board game was designed by Klaus Teuber, The images of the box and game board are copyright 2012 Mayfair Games and Catan GmbH).

Many years ago, our fathers did go forth
In many mighty vessels, took to the sea.
They sailed until they found a strange hexagonal land.
That's how they and their children came to be the settlers of Catan.

Resources we produce with no alarm
Unless a dreaded thief should spoil our plan.
I spend my days on my hexagonal farm.
We build as many settlements as we can.
We are the settlers of Catan.

Some of us spend our days in the harbor trading ports.
Some of us build our roads the longest we can.
Some of us train up knights, to battle we resort.
We'll do whatever the situation demands.
We are the settlers of Catan.

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