Saturday, May 5, 2012

Week 19 - "Breathe in the noiSe (Breathe out the Silence)"

"Breathe in the noise, breathe out the silence."
You're playing with toys and putting up pretense.
Tell me the truth.  Do you think really
We should listen to you when you take yourself seriously?

I've got more important things to do
Than sit here wasting my time listening to you.

What kind of fool are you?  What kind of fool am I?
At least you found a way to get your piece of the pie.
Maybe someday you could teach me your trick.
How did you get the world to kneel and kiss your ring?

"Breathe in the noise, breathe out the silence."
You said it with poise and some kind of confidence.
I thought it must be a joke, that it couldn't be true.
And you'd go up in smoke and we'd breathe you in, too.

I have only done one other full video to accompany one of my songs - "The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls" - but that was done only as a single shot of the water.  In fact, the clip was not even long enough for the song, so I slowed the video speed down exactly enough to make it the full length of the song.

This video is the first one in which I have edited multiple shots together.  It was done very simply with a handheld digital camera.  It looks home-made (it is, of course), but this actually is appropriate for the theme of the text of this song.  Special thanks to Michael Hou for shooting the video.  The video was taken at City Park Lake in Baton Rouge, LA.

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