Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week 13 - "Some Old Music Box"


Tell me what to say, 'til I know the words by rote.
Tell me what to play. Write out ev'ry single note.
Tell me what it means, so I don't have to use my brain.
Tell me how to feel, so I know I'll feel no pain.

Just sing a melody from some old music box.
Take me back to yesterday. Just turn back the clocks.
You never change your tune. You see no reason to.
Is there something I can say, that will get through to you?

Teach me how to float, so I'll know if I'll sink or swim.
Teach me how to smile, so my life won't seem so grim.
Teach me how to cope, so I know I can survive.
Teach me how to love, so I know that I'm alive.

This one was pretty fun to play and sing. It is a rock/blues that I would love to someday hear played with a rock ensemble. I used a music box sound at the beginning and end, generated by my XV-5080. It is actually separated into three layers, two that have arpeggios, and one with a melodic line (heard only at the end). Each of the the three layers has its own location in the horizontal pan space.

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