Saturday, May 17, 2014

Week 124 - "Zydeco Zebra"

A silly song inspired by family trips to the Audubon Zoo.

It happened one fine day down in old New Orleans,
It was the strangest thing those folks ever seen.
And if you've ever been there you know that's a feat.
You'd think they'd seen it all down on old Bourbon street.
But then out of the blue, there's an escapee from the zoo.

From his habitat at the Audobon,
He hopped the closest streetcar to the Cafe du Monde.
Down at the old French Market he was trying to hide,
By pulling carriages, so that the people could ride.
'Til the folks heard the news that there's a zebra on the loose.

Oh what a crazy sight!
Those stripes of black and white.

That old zebra left the place in a daze,
But all he really wanted was a plate of beignets.
'Cause as a zebra that loves the rhythm of zydeco,
You've got to get your fill, as every Cajun should know.
And if you'd like to do better, you can feed him a muffaletta!

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