Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Week 94 - "I Met You on Halloween"

Halloween - the holiday for love...  I was going for a cheesy 1950s love ballad feel in 12/8, but mixed in some minor mode stuff for the humorous juxtaposition.

Bbm Gb Cb F7 Bbm Bb Cb F7(b9)

Bb               Gm          Eb      F7
The night that I met you, oh oh, was on Halloween.
You were the scariest of things that I've ever seen.
With all the blood on your face, I knew you were meant for me.
You wore your heart on your sleeve, oh oh, quite literally.

Ref. 1
Gm             Eb           Bb               F7
And I knew for certain, All Hallow's Eve was the night for love.
When satanic demons leave the underworld for the surface above.

Bbm Gb Cb F7 Bbm Gb Cb F7(b9)

When I first looked in your eyes, they fell right out of your head.
Then you let out a blood-curdling scream and it filled my soul with dread.

Ref. 2
I'll never forget the way you smiled as you revved your chainsaw.
And your nightmarish cackle as you chased me down the hall.

Bbm Gb Cb F7 Bbm Gb Cb F7(b9)

What an enchanted night - the unshakable scent of death in the air.
And you looked so beautiful With lizards and spiders crawling in your hair.

The glow of the bonfire, there was love waiting there I could tell.
The devil's own minion's were trying to drag me to hell.

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