Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Week 87 - "Delicate Creatures"

This is a song for "The Great American Musical."  I co-wrote the lyrics with August Mergelman.  The character of Lance is singing a very chauvinistic song in an old Broadway style.  Andrea, on the other hand, points out that the chorus girls use him at least as much as he uses them, and sticks it to him for being a chauvinist.

Girls have such delicate features.
Such wonderful creatures,
No wonder I can't make my mind up,
When I see those dollies lining up.
Each has her particular style.
Oh, which one shall I choose to walk down the aisle?

I would never intend to cause them sorrow.
(Girls: Oh no!)
So many of them but only one gets me.
(Girls: Oh please!)
May I should save myself 'til tomorrow.
(Girls: Oh no!)
Who knows what my eyes may fancy to see?
Lance and Girls: Yes siree!

As you can plainly see,
He lacks humility.
He thinks he's suave playing the field and running around,
He's up and down the chorus line.
The truth is that it suits us fine.
He think's he's pretty cute,
But he's a chauvinist galoot.
And just who's using who depends on your point of view.

Girls are such wonderful play toys
For vagabond playboys
And only for the modest price
Of gold and fourteen-karat ice.
Oh, girls are such wonderful play toys
To comfort men who do the work of the world.

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