Friday, August 16, 2013

Week 85 - "The Great American Musical"

This is the title song of the musical I'm working on with August Mergelman.

This is the great American musical.
Yes, it's the great American show.
There'll be singing and dancing
And laughs and romancing
And songs that we all will come to know,
That you'll be singing in the shower.
It's the great American musical
Here on the great American stage.
We are here to entertain,
But not to tax your brain,
So you'll enjoy no matter what your age.

So grab a chorus girl and sway,
And you can dance the night away,
Although the men are mostly gay,
The audience won't make a peep,
They'll just suspend their disbelief.

So join us at the show
And invite everyone you know,
And if you could donate some dough,
'Cause in this economy the arts are first to go.

This is the great American musical
And what a great diversion it is.
Such a wonderful feeling
That will leave you reeling
And wishing that you were in the biz,
So you'd be basking in the spotlight.
It's the great American musical,
So come forget all your worry and strife.
No, you never can go wrong,
So join the dance and song,
And celebrate a true red, white, and blue American life!

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