Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Week 25 - "You and I"

This song is a potential love theme for a new musical that I'm working on with playwright August Mergelman (  We wrote the musical Bird Millman together, which was produced in 2002 in Canon City, Colorado.  We will be posting regular updates of the new musical at


This is the time here in this place
For us to meet and speak face to face.
How can I say what I am feeling for you now
Without the words I need to express
My sense of emptiness.

But time goes on and you're still here.
Will time run out?  This is my fear.
Tell me the words of what you're feeling for me now.
Will you be mine or should I even try?
Should I bother to cry?

You and I have got just what it takes now to see it through.
So why must you take far too long to say you love me, too?
What can I do to show you that my love is true?
And how long can I wait around to see if it's my fate to be with you?

But let's face facts - this may be the end.
If we both move on, we each will lose a friend.
But what would life be like without you?  I can't say
But I would really not like to know.
Tell me you'll never go
Because I love you so.

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