Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week 24 - "Fly, Baby Blackbird"

Fly, baby blackbird, to your home.
Too long and wide the river's flow.
Fly, baby blackbird, to your home.
You burned your bridges long ago.

It seems so strange how you seemingly resist the winds of change.
Although the tides of time have given you the clue.
But you still don't know what it is that you should do.
But time just will not wait for you.

Inside a box, it seems your heart is guarded by a million locks.
And even if I could find every single key, I still would have to solve another mystery.
And that's just not the task for me.

This one is in a folk/rock style, at least in part.  I have done some vocal harmony in several of the previous songs, but I have not commented much about the process.  Although, I have scored numerous vocal arrangements, I have only scored (that is, written out in sheet music) vocals for three songs in the Year of Song project - "Damascus," "The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls," and "Psalm 13."  The vocals for the rest of the songs were composed a bit more organically.  Once I had the lead vocal recorded, I improvised harmony parts in several different ways until I got the sound I wanted.  This is a little different for me, because for scoring vocal parts I normally sit and think it through at the piano, but for this project I have relied more on my voice and the ability to record as many tracks as I like while experimenting on Audacity.

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