Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week 7 - "Story of a Girl"


Let me tell you the story of a girl that I met
On a lovely autumn night - one that I will not forget.
Let me tell you how I felt like I never felt before
And how I knew in a moment we would be together more.

When I saw her standing there I didn't know what to say
but it really didn't matter 'cause I said it anyway.
I walked across the room and I took a little chance.
We smiled and said "hello" and then I asked her to dance.

Somehow I knew right then and there
that you would be my one and only girl.
Yes, it's the truth. I love no one but you.
Somehow I thought that love would never find me
but then you came and changed my world.
Yes, it's the truth. And I'm glad you love me, too.

It's hard to believe that it's been so many years.
All the time we have shared - all the happiness and tears.
But still today to hold your hand feels so right
Just the same as the first time that lovely autumn night.

I wrote this song for my wife, Kari. It's a song about the night we met. The second photo in the video is actually of the two of us on that very night.

A an interesting compositional note on this piece is that the chorus is in the key of G, while the verses are in F, so there is an interesting harmonic shift. I also used the E. Organ 10 sound on my RD-600 keyboard during the choruses to give it a different color.

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