Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week 6 - "We Have a Visitor"


Willie: We, we have a visitor.
Brian: A real alien!
Willie: Brian's right it's an ALF. An A. L. F. - that's short for alien life form. A. L. F.
ALF: Yo, yo, yo, yo.  Well let me tell you a little story about a guy named Gordon.
Brian: Who's he?
ALF: Someone I grew up with on Melmac.  Nice kid - handsome, intelligent, great athlete, wonderful sense of humor, ha!
Brian: It was you, wasn't it?
ALF: How'd you guess?
Willie: A. L. F.
Brian: Your name's really Gordon?
ALF: Yeah, Gordon.
Brian: That's funny.
ALF: It was my mother's maiden name, alright?
Lynn: I, Gordon Shumway . . . Shumway?
ALF: Don't blab that around 'til I'm gone.
Rick: Hey, hey Gordon.
Skip: Hey, hey, hey, Gordo.
Willie: A. L. F.
ALF: There's hair in this tuna fish - I like it!
Brian: How come I didn't get any hair.
Kate: We ran out.
Willie: A. L. F.
ALF: Yo, yo.
Racquel: Is there such a thing as a cross between a kangaroo and an aardvark?
Hunter 1: It's an ugly little sucker.  I think it's a dog.
Hunter 2: That's no dog.  That's one of those weird animals from Australia.
Dorothy: You hicupping hairball from hell!
ALF: Hey, there's no need for name calling.
Willie: A. L. F.
(Phone rings)
ALF: Hello.
Willie: What are you doing answering the phone?
ALF: I live here!
Willie: Where's Mrs. Ochmonek?
ALF: She lives next door.
Willie: Is everything alright?
ALF: Everything's fine.  Oh, oh, and the cat's going to be okay.
Willie: The cat? What happened to the cat?
ALF: I closed the refrigerator door on his tail.
Willie: What were you doing in the kitchen?
ALF: Well, I had to break in the back door after I fell out the window.
Willie:  Where are you now?  What are you doing?
ALF:  I'm in the bedroom wearing a blue dress.
Willie:  Don't move from that spot!
ALF:  Where would I go?  I don't have the right shoes.
Willie: A. L. F.
ALF: Yo, yo, yo, yo.  The Melmac touch.

And now for something completely different. This is the first song that I've ever composed using audio samples. I got the idea from Ben Liebrand who wrote a song called "Stuck on Earth" back in the 1980s. Since I'm a huge fan of ALF, I have wanted for a long time to make my own ALF tribute.

To put this piece together, I recorded and edited sound clips using SoundForge. Then I imported them along with the music that I composed into Audacity and placed things where I wanted them. I know there are probably more efficient ways to do this and software more specifically designed for this purpose, but since I'm on a budget, I made do with what I had. Actually, it was a lot easier than I expected, once I figured out what I was doing.

I hope you enjoy the video! By the way, you can watch ALF for free at

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