Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week 118 - "Finicky, Fidgety, Fickle Easter Day"

This is a parody of Gene Autry's "Here Comes Peter Cottontail."  It comments on the wide variability of dates upon which Easter may fall.

Easter comes just once a year
What a day of joy and cheer
But there is one thing I must confess

Knowing just when it will fall
Is confusing to us all
Truthfully it's such a crazy mess.

It's the Sunday that comes after
The very first full moon,
That follows the vernal equinox.
So it never falls in June.

No, it usually comes April, yet
It sometimes comes in March, you bet.
Finicky fidgety fickle Easter Day.
Finicky fidgety fickle Easter Day.

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