Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Week 58 - "It's a Very Friendly Truce"

Here is another song with lyrics by August Mergelman, for the new musical project.  It is sung by the characters of Eddie and Emily about the compromises of their working relationship.

Like dinner party diplomats about to go to war,
It's a poker game with every player facing toward the door.

An awkward silence fills the room,
But not the type of doom and gloom.
Within this world of let's pretend
Your rival is your dearest friend.

So keep him close.
You hear that crunching sound?
Only when you walk.
I think I'll have the floors redone in eggshell puce.

We could be cross but what's the use?
It is a very friendly truce.
It's vinegar and honey.
It tastes a little funny.
We could complain, but what's the use?
It's a very friendly truce.

When ladies don't see eye to eye,
They're civilized as are you and I.
It is not common mud they fling.
It's compliments that really sting.

The back-handed kind.
That monologue is really coming together.
It's almost there.
If tension could be bottled, we could sell that juice.
Who'd buy it?

Do not provoke a grazing moose.
And don't upset a friendly truce.
So don't spit in a hog's eye,
And let the sleeping dogs lie.
Perhaps it's all a clever ruse,
Or maybe it's a friendly truce.

When gentlemen do not agree,
They're civilized, like you and me,
But veins are bursting at the seams
When they discuss each other's teams.

Almost unsportsmanlike.
I think your boys had altitude sickness last night.
Was that a ball game or a circus act?
To get a fella's goat, you tiptoe past his goose.

I will not stand for such abuse.
It was a very friendly truce.
But no one's green with envy, it's more like chartreuse.
It's no unpleasant rendezvouz,
It's a very friendly truce.

We do a dance as nimble as the Ballet Russes.
White elephants are on the loose.
It is a very friendly truce.

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