Friday, December 7, 2012

Week 49 - "Please Won't You Share This Post?"

This song is about Facebook hoaxes that make wild claims about benevolent rich people that want to donate money to worthy causes in exchange for sharing dubious posts.


Have you heard that little kids are starving
In countries far away that you didn't know exist?
But don't despair, there's a simple way to feed them
Just forward this Jpeg to everyone that's on your friends list.
And for every single share
Facebook has promised to give ten dollars to every person living there.

Please won't you share this post?
To show me that you care the most.
I don't really mean to boast, but you and I can
change this whole world one click at a time
if you'll only share this post.

Have you heard there's a child in Seattle?
His name is Jimmy Smith and he's got some strange disease.
And there's a specialist doing research on his case,
but he doesn't have the funding so he's asking your help, please.
With your help he could cure him very fast.
But if you have no heart then I guess you can keep on scrolling past.

Have you heard that it's bad luck to ignore these posts?
Best to play it safe, resist the urge you have to scroll.
I've heard that lots of freaky things happen to you.
If you don't click to share, God have mercy on your soul.
It's not much effort to exert.
Just point your mouse and click to make sure that nobody gets hurt.

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