Saturday, July 14, 2012

Week 28 - "Celestial Dance"

I wrote this song and recorded the keyboard and percussion parts in Baton Rouge. Kelly Riely then added the vocals and recorded her portion of the video at her home studio in Independence, MO (special thanks to her husband Mike for assisting with the audio and video recording).  I then pieced together the video of Kelly singing with the video of me playing the keyboard solo in the middle.  The result was a really fun online music collaboration!


I look into the sky -
The moon and stars I see.
My mind is floating to
A different galaxy.
Somehow it seems that your heart
Is a million miles away.
What can I say?
Please tell me that you love me.

So come and hold my hand
As I fly to distant stars,
And hold me in your arms;
Say what I want you to say.
So come along with me
As I go to worlds afar.
I'll keep you in my heart
When I come to take you away.

Please come along with me
Across the great expanse.
Our bodies orbiting
In this celestial dance.
But will the time ever come
When you'll take this love from me?
Why can't you see?
Please tell me that you need me.
Please tell me that you'll hold me.
Please tell me that you love me now.

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